Gareth Rolley

As a leading construction company in our field, the projects we undertake range from full property renovations, external ground works through to specialist stone builds and carpentry. Being able to diversify amongst multiple project requirements, allows us to stand out from the crowd and provides customer confidence.

We ran our office administration effectively however mainly through paper based methods which was not ideal and very time consuming. Capturing photos of work we have completed has always been a given, although we did not think to take photos/videos through out which meant we could not necessarily prove certain elements had been completed.

Having a software package to help our business was brought up from time to time however we maintained our current working regime until one of our suppliers introduced us to Onsite 7. We reviewed the website content, tutorials and videos and just ‘got it’.

I had an initial consultation with a member of Onsite 7, installed the software and haven’t looked back since.

We have revolutionised our business by helping to take on multiple projects at the same time, allowing each jobs photos, notes and records to be maintained on a daily basis with little effort. As an owner I can also review my previous weeks/months work, assess the quality of the work undertaken by my employees as well as keep track on which customer has paid or not paid.

Becoming a software user was new to us, however we have been so delighted with how Onsite 7 has helped us with our business we have no been looking for other ways in which Onsite 7 can help us streamline certain paper based exercises we still undertake.