Who will get the most out of using Onsite 7?

For fenestration, construction & trade businesses across the UK

Streamline your business, evidence your work and help maintain the relationship between you and your customer.
Whether your business operates in retail, commercial sectors or both, Onsite 7 enhances your operations from day one.

Retail & Commercial Sectors that Onsite 7 helps to streamline and grow

And more...

Has this happened to you?


Have you ended up with a customer complaint that you could not provide evidence or proof to help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently? Or has your customer asked you for proof of works following a completed project as they have a complaint / query they want resolved?


Have accusations been made about your time keeping, service or product delivery and you are unable to provide a full date/time stamped record of the customer project to help defuse the situation?


Are you being requested to pay compensation for works you cannot prove were completed on time or have evidence of being installed correctly?

Complete or incomplete

Has a member of your team advised that a job or installation was complete, only to find out days/weeks later that it wasn’t complete? Has this cost you money? Or, maybe this has really soured the relationship with your customer?

Delayed payment

Have you struggled to obtain final payments from your customers due to a change of contract, delay or an issue that wasn’t recorded properly?

Don’t let your relationships with your customers turn to ruin by having out of date, innaccurate information to help combat disputes.

We have experienced all of these problems... and more. 
Onsite 7 was created to provide the balance that your business needs, helping you have full visibility of a job end-to-end. This will help you to react faster and with total accuracy. If your customer is happy your business will be happy.
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People and companies already powering their business with Onsite 7...

Trading for over 30 years, our home improvement business delivers quality products and outstanding customer service to the domestic market. With over 10,000 installations to our name, we would like to think that the range of projects undertaken by our teams, allow us to understand the market place better and helps us maintain a lead…...

The home improvement industry has become more and more challenging over the past decade. Providing proof of workmanship, as well as evidence that projects have been completed to a contracted specification is a difficult task when managing multiple teams of contractors. Jobs are getting bigger, values larger and timescales pressing. It is evidently an industry…...

The UK trade industry is very competitive, as well as diverse in the products companies offer to their customers. We continuously review our products, marketing, sales and operational policies to enable us to maintain an outstanding customer service and keep that one step ahead, ensuring we stand out from the crowd. Helping our team perform…...

How Can Onsite 7 Help Your Business?

  • Become paperless
  • Work remotely
  • Secure your data
  • Evidence your work
  • Manage your teams
  • Save Money
  • Manage your jobs
  • Save Time
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What can YOU save with Onsite 7?

What size business are you?

1-5 Employees
5-10 Employees
10-15 Employees

Potential yearly savings with 1-5 employees using Onsite 7

Total potential savings - £14900+

  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( FUEL ) - £1300+
  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( PROFIT ) - £6500+
  • Double data entry - £2100+
  • Payment Refunds / Reductions / Non Payment - £5000+

Potential yearly savings with 5-10 employees using Onsite 7

Total potential savings - £29800+

  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( FUEL ) - £2600+
  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( PROFIT ) - £13000+
  • Double data entry - £4200+
  • Payment Refunds / Reductions / Non Payment - £10000+

Potential yearly savings with 10-15 employees using Onsite 7

Total potential savings - £44,700+

  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( FUEL ) - £3900+
  • Unnecessary Site Visits ( PROFIT ) - £19500+
  • Double data entry - £6300+
  • Payment Refunds / Reductions / Non Payment - £15000+

What you can do with Onsite 7

Create, capture, store and recall

Whether you’re a carpenter, painter, builder, double glazing installer or nationwide construction firm… Onsite 7 can help your business create, capture, store and recall site records, videos, photos & notes.

it will not just help you provide proof of your work quality… it will help you provide assurance to your customer that the job was done correctly

This process also helps with maintaining Site Safety provisions, Staff locations job status

Calendar View

Team / Job Calendars

Using in the instant calendar feature, allows you to either plan your own working week as a small business, or for larger businesses, provides the ability to see your entire team / job / & job status in one simple calendar view.

This powerful feature comes with Onsite 7 as standard and will help streamline business processes as well as providing quick responses to questions / queries when they arise.

Structured, yet flexible

Every stage of the customers job can be edited and recorded, including:

  1. Sales Stages
  2. Survey/Measurements Stage
  3. Installation/construction stage
  4. Service/Maintenance stage

This allows you to review notes, attachments, photos, images from previous site visits that have been completed by you or other team members and much, much more.

NOTE: The Onsite 7 stage headings are customisable and can be edited by the Onsite 7 team to suit your business

Protect your job, protect your business

Never before has there been such a need to provide evidence of the work you have completed.

  • Prove you carried out the work to the highest standard
  • Prove work was completed on time
  • Prove the site was left clean and tidy
  • Prove the products are in full working order

Domestic Customers – If your project is for a domestic client – then they can rate their experience on the onsite mobile app, and sign onscreen, agreeing they are happy with the product or service

Commercial Customers – If your project is for a commercial client – then the onsite contractor / user / engineer will sign onscreen, agreeing the job is either complete or not complete

Simple and yet complete

Almost every trade industry submits completion paperwork/certificates/invoices of some kind at the end of a job/project. You can store all of these documents in your customer job file easily and quickly.

With one click you can download any document/image/video or job pack you wish and send to your customer if they request these items… Helping your customer make payment with comfort in knowing their project has been completed correctly and on time