Lee Proud

The home improvement industry has become more and more challenging over the past decade. Providing proof of workmanship, as well as evidence that projects have been completed to a contracted specification is a difficult task when managing multiple teams of contractors. Jobs are getting bigger, values larger and timescales pressing.

It is evidently an industry wide issue that requesting payment from customers is very often challenged by the customer over snags, service delivery, product installation quality etc. As a business we have found defending these issues quite difficult on occasions due to lack of images, videos and ‘on the day’ real information…….not to mention being able to locate these if we did have them.

Onsite 7 has been the answer to all our problems and delivers a solution that solves a problem…

As a business we immediately realised the benefits this amazing software could bring and did not hesitate in implementing this into our company. It has revolutionised the way we work and provides the ability for me as an owner to keep track of all active jobs as well as historic projects. Delivering real-time images/videos/notes and attachments from site allows a transparent view of our onsite installations.

Customers sign to state their satisfaction levels at each stage of a job, site operatives record every stage of a job and above all of that, Onsite 7 has allowed me to maintain all of my customer records/data in one place. This has meant I have one easy to use customer database as well as team management solution and has already saved my business valuable time.

I really cannot praise the system enough, Onsite 7 answers a great a deal of issues that our business once had.