How it all works

Onsite 7 has been built by people like you... for businesses like yours

We don’t provide complicated software solutions and want to ensure all of our customers hit the ground running. That’s why we offer free consultations, Free setup and Free support.

Most clients are up and running in under an hour.

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Because of the experience of our teams in running Retail & Commercial Installation companies, we have worked hard to ensure Onsite 7 provides you with all the tools needed to streamline your business, whilst making sure Onsite 7 is quick to set up and easy to use.

Create your team

Create a User / Team member in minutes
Search / View / Edit your teams details in Seconds
Keep track of your team at anytime, from anywhere
Onsite7 Create Customers from Desktop

Create a customer

Create a retail or commercial customer in minutes
Add multiple delivery / billing addresses
Add customer notes
Search / View & Edit in Seconds
Unlimited customer entries
Replace your existing CRM / Customer Database
Transfer your existing database in minutes

Create a job

Create a job in minutes
Switch between Commercial or Domestic Jobs
Allocate to a customer / client
Add Notes / Attachments / Job Descriptions + Much More
Add job costs and see profit reports
Add bespoke onsite checklists / tasks in seconds
Select Sales, Survey, Admin, Installation or Service Stage
Allocate job to either your Sales person, Admin person, Surveyor, Installer or Service team
Add unlimited jobs
job management software for builders
Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Calendar View

Switch to calendar view in seconds
View jobs by day / week / month
Monitor where your team are
View Job details & active stages
Drag and drop to move your appointments

Capture your job Onsite

Start your job onscreen instantly
Review site notes, job description & activities
Add Videos / Images / Notes / Attachments ‘ONSITE’
Update checklists/tasks, indicating complete/not complete
Indicate if a job has changed or been delayed
Sign onscreen to say complete or not on a Commercial Job
Or ask your customer to sign onscreen & rate you – if a Domestic Job
Onsite7 tradesman on laptop in cafe looking through job evidence - Medium Res

Review your jobs

Follow your jobs progress from Sales, Survey, Admin, Install and Service
Understand if jobs are sold, on hold, lost or quoted
See when surveys are completed and materials are ordered
Review photos and videos captured from site at every stage
Monitor customer satisfaction ratings
Understand how many jobs are completed but not paid
See value of jobs in progress, completed or not paid
See how many quotations are outstanding
Instant access to historic jobs when booking a service call
Review completion reports for each stage of a job
End to end job visibility, stored in a secure location.....forever

Onsite 7 integrates with your XERO or QuickBooks account, and is super simple to setup

Save Double Data Entry – Send financial information – Create Invoices - Search existing customers & more...


Videos On How It Works

The below tutorials are for guide purposes only. Onsite 7 consistently upgrades its systems to enhance your experience and provide additional or improved services. See a list of our current features available on our ‘SIGN UP’ Page here.

How to Add/Edit or Search Users

This video will show you how to add/edit or search users. A user can either be an Admin/office person and/or an onsite engineer/contractor/installer etc.

How to Add/Edit or Search Customers

This video will show you how to add/edit or search customers. A customer can either be a business or homeowner for instance… but ultimately someone you or your company is doing work for

How to Add/Edit or Search Jobs

This video will show you how to add/edit or search jobs. A Job is a live customer contract/order that you want to create and then assign to an Onsite User/engineer/contractor etc

Working With Job Stages

This video will show you how to work with job stages in Onsite7. Using job stages will allow you to record your job under distinctive job phases such as Sales, Survey, Install and Service.

How to Use your Onsite 7 App

This video will show you how to use your Onsite 7 App. View jobs assigned to you, add notes, attachments, images and videos. Gain customer feedback and completion signatures in seconds.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page, please feel free to contact our friendly, skilled support team.

We are here to help answer your questions, provide training and can even assist with setting up your Onsite 7 System