Job Management Software: The Solution to Your Trade’s Business Woes

The demand for skilled tradespeople has skyrocketed as the trade industry continues to flourish. This has brought success to many businesses, but managing an expanding company brings unique challenges.

The biggest challenge is managing the business’s administrative and job management side. Businesses must properly manage their resources, including inventory, personnel, and finances, to remain profitable and competitive.

If you create an efficient workflow and stay on top of all processes, other challenges like hiring talent and managing finances are easier to handle.

Thankfully, modern technology can help you manage jobs, stay ahead of competitors, manage administrative tasks, and remain competitive in the marketplace. The only thing you need is job management software such as Onsite 7.

The solution to your trade’s business woes

Managing large volumes of data, such as financial records, customer interactions, and employee job assignments, can become increasingly difficult as your business expands.

Siloed systems like photo applications, project management software, WhatsApp, email, and text messages can hamstring your company’s efficiency.

Additionally, duplicated data, manual data-entry redundancies, compliance and reporting failures, and trouble accessing business-critical data can pose serious challenges.

Implementing job management software into your company is an effective solution to this challenge. Job management software allows you to centralise data, automate administrative tasks, view real-time information, quickly access critical data, and provide enhanced employee security and maintenance.

Onsite 7 – benefits, features, and what it can do

Onsite 7 is the only job management software built to scale for small and large trade companies. It brings management to your sales, survey, installation, and service stages.

All transactions, supplier invoices, notes, onsite images or videos, surveys, and more are securely stored in one centralised platform, giving you anytime and anywhere access to all the information you need to run your business.

The way it works is simple:

  • Create your teams.
  • Create your customers.
  • Create your jobs.
  • Assign your team members.
  • Manage jobs in the calendar.

Team members can then:

  • Manage the job status, such as complete and not complete.
  • Follow job progress such as Sales, Survey, and Installation.
  • Access job data in real-time.
  • Access historical job data.
  • Upload information, including site notes, activities, purchase receipts, videos, photos, document attachments, and customer feedback.
  • Capture customer signatures onsite for job approval.
  • Collect customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Communicate with sales teams and head office within the app.

This level of digital transformation is beneficial for growth. Most companies in the trade have no centralised system for job management. The beauty of Onsite 7 is it consolidates everything and brings teams together from the office to the worksite.

Avoiding complacency and embracing technological change

Complacency can present a considerable risk to an expanding business. Relying on the success of the past without considering changes in the marketplace and infrastructure can be detrimental to future growth.

Understanding the advantages of using the latest technologies to stay competitive and maintain a growth position in the trade is essential.

For instance, cloud-based applications like Onsite 7 can make collaborating easier within a team. At the same time, AI-driven processes like bookkeeping software may be able to automate specific complex tasks much more efficiently.

Documentation, policies and procedures, and communication templates should become increasingly formal to guide a larger organisation.

Implementing best practices with quality control systems is also helpful in improving operations and demonstrating reliability to potential buyers.

To implement these best practices, you must create management information systems and infrastructure that adequately supports your company’s growth.

Though it may require an initial investment, it is necessary for long-term success and pays off in time. Onsite 7 offers a reliable, cost-effective job management solution at scale with a proven track record for helping trade companies grow.

Get started with Onsite 7

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