What is Job Management Software?

What is Job Management Software?

When you’re in the trade you have a lot on your plate.

Paperwork and other manual processes, like invoicing and recording evidence of work, take up a lot of time. Managing everything can be difficult and extremely stressful. 

In a bid to work efficiently, many businessowners have turned to project management software like Asana to keep tabs on projects and workflow. But this software and others like it were never designed for physical jobs in the trade.

This always leads to the same thing – businessowners giving up on software and returning to their old ways of paperwork and manual processing.

If you can relate to some of this, job management software offers a solution for efficient job management and streamlined workflow.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is job management software?

Job management software is a digital replacement for paperwork and other manual processes like invoicing and evidence capture.

With this software, everything is in the cloud, so storage is included, and the software is accessible on any device with an internet connection.

This software basically takes paperwork online and centralises job information so that everything can be found in one place.

It ensures you keep accurate digital records of all jobs, so that you have an organised, up-to-date database of work.  

Job management software vs. project management software – aren’t they the same thing?

No! Job management software is not the same as project management software.

It also isn’t the same as field management software.

The fundamental difference between job management software and project management software is job management software is for physical work (e.g. plumbing) while project management software is for digital work (e.g. app development).

This is clear to see in how the products work: Job management software keeps digital records of physical work. Project management software enables real-time collaboration on digital projects. It’s obvious to see where the differences lie.

These two different types of work also require different features within software. For example, job management software lets customers sign off on work with a signature in the app while project management software has no requirement for such a feature because it’s used as an internal solution to manage digital workflow and to-do lists.

The bottom line – if you are in the trade, you want to use job management software for workflow, record keeping and customer management.

What does job management software do?

Job management software keeps a digital footprint of all your jobs so that you have an accurate record of everything you do.

This software can replace all of your paperwork and manual job recording processes with an application. It replaces your entire paper workflow and any fragmented software you use such as cloud storage platforms.

There are hundreds of job management platforms out there that basically do the same thing, but Onsite 7 is different – it’s designed specifically for the trade to handle physical jobs like electrical, plumbing and carpentry work.

Onsite 7 will handle every stage of your jobs, including:

  • Sales
  • Invoices
  • Survey and measurements
  • Installation and construction
  • Job recording
  • Service and maintenance
  • Customer/client sign off and ratings

What is the point of job management software?

The point of job management software is to ensure that jobs are accurately recorded, delivered on time and that the customer is satisfied.

Without this software, you would have to store physical paperwork and you would have scattered communication from email, phone calls and text messages. With no way to record everything in one place, customer communication can get lost.

You’d also have no centralised record of work. Photos on your smartphone would have no order unless you created folders for them. Huge catalogues of customer photos will also eat into your device storage or cost you money in cloud storage.

By putting sales notes, customer communication, job notes, invoices, photos and videos of work and customer feedback all in one place, you make managing jobs a lot easier and have a reliable way to look up information when you need to.

What are the benefits of job management software?

Whether your business records everything on paper or uses a combination of paperwork and digital workflow, job management software can replace everything you do with a single streamlined solution. It really does make life easier.

Here are the biggest benefits of job management software:

Centralise all job information

Say goodbye to paperwork and scattered communication. Create, capture, store and recall site records, videos, photos and notes from one place. Add team members so everyone has access to the same records and can see project updates in real-time.

One platform for everything

Forget separate cloud storage, team management platforms and to-do list apps. Onsite 7 puts everything you need in one place. It’s suitable for any trade and enables you to manage all your projects across multiple teams in one place.

Record and keep accurate evidence

With Onsite 7, you can upload as many photos and videos as you like to catalogue every stage of a job. This gives you a way to categorically prove the quality of your work, so that if any problems arise in the future, you can protect yourself.

By keeping accurate evidence records, you can:

  • Prove you carried out the work to the highest standard
  • Prove work was completed on time
  • Prove the site was left clean and tidy
  • Prove the products are in full working order

This has the knock-on effect of reducing:

  • Public Liability Claims
  • Customer disputes
  • Financial loss and refunds

This definitely beats storing photos on your phone or in the cloud.

Access information anywhere with an internet connection

Onsite 7 is accessible through a web-based application or as an Android or iOS app on your smartphone or tablet. All app versions give you access to our full feature suite, including add new users/customers, photo uploads and account number lookup.

Scale up without losing efficiency

As your business scales up and takes on more projects, Onsite 7 stays as simple as ever so you can unlock unlimited job management efficiency.

The only difference will be the number of projects you add to the platform and the number of team members you have on the platform. Onsite 7 is designed to present job information in a way that’s easy on the eye. All projects are also fully searchable. There has never been a better way to manage your jobs in the trade.