What is the Best Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software (also known as FSM software) does what it says – it helps businesses manage field services.

Field management software provides tools that keep track of field operations: orders, inventory, billing, technicians, vehicle tracking, inspection checklists and more, so that you can run a lean and efficient operation.  

Field services are services provided outside of a company’s grounds, so off-site services, like brick building and electrical inspections.

These services require managing so that they are carried out efficiently and FSM software makes this easier while improving customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the benefits to using FSM software:

  • Automates manual tasks
  • Increases job completion rates
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Improves off-site and on-site communication
  • Improves customer retention
  • Reduces delivery and service delays

Field service management software isn’t the same as project management software.

Field service management software use cases

Before FSM software, orders, inventory, billing, technicians, vehicle tracking, and other things were separate disjointed tasks.

FSM software replaces this disjointedness with seamless technician-to-office communication. It automates all the manual tasks described above, so you have less to do while maintaining visibility into operations.

It’s a great tool for construction companies, electricians, building inspectors, roofers, cleaners, plumbers and property maintenance firms. Any company that provides a service can use FSM software to manage their operation.

What is the best field service management software?

Now that you know what FSM software is and its use cases, we can move on to the good stuff – a list of the best field service management software.

The 5 best field service management software programs:

  • Onsite 7
  • BigChange
  • Joblogic
  • Oneserve
  • Oracle Field Service

Our criteria for choosing these was simple – the software had to address pain points within field management and provide a great user experience. The software also had to have great reviews with no less than 4.5 / 5 stars overall.

Onsite 7

Onsite 7 is a job management platform designed for the trade that tracks field services and records all data related to the job.   

It can be used as a job management software or as a CRM system, allowing all of your customer and job information, documents, notes and worker information to be stored in one place so you can improve customer relations.

Onsite 7 features:

  • Suitable for any sized business
  • Suitable for all trades
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Create, capture, store and recall field data
  • Track your team anytime, from anywhere
  • Allocate jobs to different users with real-time alerts

Onsite 7 is mostly used as a job management platform to log and record customer and job details for future reference. It is also used as a team management platform to assign jobs and track the status of field services and jobs in real-time.


BigChange is a field management software platform that takes care of CRM, job scheduling, vehicle tracking, customer bookings and feedback all in one place.

It can be used to record jobs and documents with intelligent scheduling, team management, fleet management and timesheets and expenses. You can run your entire field service from a single dashboard with clear visibility into operations.

BigChange features:

  • Plan, schedule and dispatch
  • Messaging and sat nav
  • Fleet tracking
  • Invoicing and finance
  • Timesheets and expenses
  • Reporting and performance

BigChange is mostly used by companies that want fleet tracking. You can assign workers to jobs and see where they are in real-time with BigChange. You can manage all elements of a job and take care of customer bookings in one place.


Joblogic connects field staff to the back-office so that all individual workflows can be managed and tracked simultaneously.

It can be used as a field service management platform, job management platform and CRM to run your entire business operation. It is similar to BigChange in this respect. It empowers management with the tools they need to centralise data and processes.

Joblogic features:

  • Connects field staff to the back-office
  • Accessible on any device
  • Mobile engineer tracking
  • Work order and productivity tools
  • Quotes, sales and payments
  • Customer relationship management

Joblogic is mostly used to improve communications between field staff and the back-office so that everyone is on the same page. It improves productivity and lets you go paperless so you can banish paper recording and manual processes for good.


Oneserve combines field management with job management, asset management, mobile worker management and parts and stock management.

This field service software is arguably the most comprehensive. It’s easy to configure and enables you to run your operation from one place, including quotes, sales, invoices, callouts, job management and real-time engineer tracking.

Oneserve features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time customer updates
  • Client and contractor portals
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Accurate job recording
  • Resource planning and management

Oneserve is mostly used as a complete field service management solution. It allows knowledge and information to be shared, updated and monitored in real-time so that you have complete visibility into your whole business operation.

Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service is an asset-centric field management solution built on time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology to increase efficiency.

This is one of the most intelligent platforms out there with machine learning and AI with a time-based, predictive, and self-learning routing engine. It can automate tasks, routing and provides complete visibility into your operations.

Oracle Field Service features:

  • Job reassignments and field scheduling
  • Inventory and stock tracking
  • Real-time view of field resources
  • Virtual helpdesk
  • Time-based routing technology
  • Track service progress and performance

Oracle Field Service is mostly used by large companies who require deep insight, automation and analysis into forecasting and capacity planning, tracking, efficiency, service progress, scheduling, routing and operational visibility.

Which field service management software is best for me?

If you want an easy-to-use job management platform that streamlines team management, tracks service progress and allows you to create, capture, store and recall field data, Onsite 7 is the standout software solution on this list.

If you operate a large company and want deep insight into your field services, capacity planning and resources, Oracle Field Service is the standout solution. It’s an intelligent platform built for the future of the modern workforce.