The advantages of job management software

One of the trade’s biggest challenges is managing projects while capturing job information and evidence. These processes traditionally require different software/apps, creating data silos that impact productivity.

The solution is job management software, a digital replacement for paperwork and other manual processes like invoicing and evidence capture.

Job management software replaces paperwork and manual recording processes with an application. It provides a cloud solution for job assignments and puts sales notes, invoices, photos, videos, and customer sign-off in one place.

Unfortunately, many businesses have no idea job management software like Onsite 7 exists, instead persevering with poor-fit project management tools like Asana for to-dos and cloud storage tools like Google Photos for evidence capture.

This article explores the significant advantages of job management software, helping you figure out if it’s the best solution for your business.

Let’s jump in!

Advantage #1 – Eliminate data silos

Data silos are isolated data repositories in your business. Examples include using Dropbox for photos and Office 365 for documents, Asana for project management and Outlook for email. Each of these keeps data separate.   

While data silos may seem harmless, they make accessing and using data difficult, create barriers to sharing and collaboration, and reduce productivity.

Job management software eliminates several silos in your business, including photo apps, invoicing apps, job recording software, and feedback systems. It puts all job information in one place, giving you a unified data platform.

Advantage #2 – Manage the entire job cycle

Unlike poor-fit project management apps, Onsite 7 manages sales, surveys, admin, installation, and service job stages with designated job categories. This enables teams and workers to access and recall information quickly.

You can create a team, keep track of workers, create a customer, and log every piece of information across the job. Keeping information in one place and boosting your reporting is a great way to gain new insight into your business.

Advantage #3 – Capture evidence perfectly

Taking photos and videos on your smartphone to record job evidence sounds great until you need to access and filter them. Unlike photo apps, Onsite 7 job management software lets you assign evidence to tasks to create a paper trail.

You can quickly recall evidence and add evidence to tasks at every job stage, making it easy to recall information and monitor progress remotely.

By keeping accurate evidence records, you can:

  • Prove you carried out the work to the highest standard
  • Prove work was completed on time
  • Prove the site was left clean and tidy
  • Prove the products are in complete working order

Advantage #4 – Enable remote management

Suppose your organisation has a disconnect between fieldwork and management. In that case, job management software provides a solution – a unified platform where management and workers can share information and collaborate in real-time.

By enabling remote management, it’s easier for office workers to see progress and reduces the need to pick up the phone and eat into field time.

Additionally, managers have access to the same information as field workers, letting them communicate with customers.

Advantage #5 – Manage invoices and feedback

Onsite 7 has the unique ability to integrate with Xero and Quickbooks, letting you raise invoices with real-time syncing and updates. You can send invoices through the app, avoid double data entry, and get paid faster.

You can also see whether customers have paid in the Onsite 7 app with push notifications, eliminating the need to chase.

Another massive advantage of Onsite 7 job management software is getting customer sign-off in the app. Customers can sign off on work and provide feedback, with this relayed to management so jobs can be marked as complete.

Summing up

Job management software digitalises paperwork and centralises job information so that everything is in one place.

It ensures you keep accurate digital records of all jobs with no data silos, making it quick and easy to recall and utilise data.

Businesses in the trade that utilise job management software have a better relationship with data and see significant productivity improvements. You can monitor job progress and identify areas of improvement to improve your customer experience.

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