Onsite 7 is the Best job Management Software for Tradesmen – Here’s Why

Onsite 7 is the best job management software for tradesmen. In this article, we’ll discuss why this is the case.

Whether you are a lone tradesman or operate a team of tradesmen, there’s a better way to manage jobs and teams than WhatsApp and email.

The solution you are looking for – if you want a single platform to plan, manage, assign, organise and log jobs – is job management software. These software solutions are designed for managing the physical work that tradesmen do.

Onsite 7 is one such solution. Onsite 7 is the best job management software for tradesmen because it was built specifically for tradesmen. It addresses several pain points with regards to trade work, including:

  • Storing customer information
  • Creating jobs and assigning workers
  • Managing job stages
  • Managing teams
  • Automated updates on job progress
  • Document storage
  • Evidence capture
  • Client/customer sign off
  • Customer relationship management

Whether you are a sole electrician, carpenter or plumber, or you run a business with hundreds of employees in the trade, Onsite 7 job management software makes organising everything related to your jobs easier than ever before.

Designed for How Tradesmen Work

Onsite 7 is designed for how tradesmen work.  

Best job Management Software for Tradesmen

Let’s start with the app. This is available on iPhone and Android and can be linked to your Gallery so that photos and videos can be uploaded fast. The same goes for iPad and Android tablets. The app is super-smooth and logically laid out.

The desktop client is just as good. This provides a clear view of your jobs with a main dashboard that can contain a Calendar View of jobs or the Jobs Dashboard. You can edit, add and amend jobs within both dashboards.

The Jobs Dashboard has a colour-coded job view which lets you see all jobs in progress at a glance, while the Calendar View lets you view jobs by day, week and month, view job details and monitor where your team is and who is assigned.

Your Onsite 7 users (workers) can add their own information to jobs, including documents, photos, comments and progress updates. Everything is recorded and stored in the cloud, enabling collaboration and easy job management from central control.  

Job Management and Scheduling

The beauty of Onsite 7 is it rolls job management and team management up into a single software platform. You can add as many users as you like, assign them to jobs, and let them record job information.


If you are a tradesman operating your own business, you can assign yourself jobs. Onsite 7 is ideal for sole traders and large companies alike.

With Onsite 7, you can:

  • Create a job in minutes
  • Switch between commercial or domestic jobs
  • Allocate to a customer/client
  • Add notes / attachments / job descriptions + much more
  • Add bespoke onsite checklists / tasks in seconds
  • Select stage of a job EG. Sales, Survey, Installation, Service
  • Allocate job to an onsite contractor / engineer and submit
  • Add unlimited jobs

When jobs are created, you can:

  • Review job notes / images / photos / videos
  • Instantly see if a job has been delayed / changed, and why
  • Understand if a job is complete or not complete
  • View every stage, visit, team member comment & entire job detail
  • Put your business in control from start to finish

Now, if you only wanted to create jobs with assigned dates, you could do this without job management software using nothing more than a calendar app.

Onsite 7 does so much more. It is a complete solution for managing your jobs, from the sales and invoice stage to installation and maintenance stages.

Record Every Stage of Your Jobs

When you are in the trade, jobs have four distinct phases: Sales, Survey, Installation and Service. Onsite 7 provides a single platform for you to plan, manage and organise all stages of your job.

Job schedule

You can add as many users (workers) as you like and assign them to jobs, where they can update job sheets with any relevant information.

Sales stage

Onsite 7 lets you record your entire sales process, from scheduling appointments to attaching quotes and notes.

Survey stage

Onsite 7 lets you store photos and digital measurements onsite, providing secure, reliable cloud storage for your records.

Installation stage

Onsite 7 lets you capture evidence during installation. Record notes, upload photos, videos, and more. Obtain customer ratings and legally binding signatures.

Service stage

Onsite 7 has a separate service stage for maintenance and servicing, where you can capture evidence of work and obtain customer ratings and legally binding signatures.

Record keeping

In the trade, record keeping at every stage of a job is a traditionally slow and frustrating task, with a combination of paper and digital records and scattered communication across IM apps, email and phone.

Onsite 7 offers a better way of keeping records.


With Onsite 7, You can upload the following types of evidence:

  • Photos
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Worksheets
  • Receipts
  • Notes
  • Customer comments

When you create a job, you or the tradesman assigned to the job will upload records to Onsite 7. Each job then has its own information pack which can be as detailed as you like. All information is stored in compliance with the GDPR.

How Can Onsite 7 Help Your Business?

We designed Onsite 7 to seamlessly slot into your business and replace many of the apps/software tools you are probably using.

Whether you use inadequate project management software, CRM software that’s too expensive to stomach, cloud storage for photos or all your job details are scattered over several platforms, Onsite 7 provides a solution.

With Onsite 7, you can:

  • Move away from using paper
  • Secure your data, safely
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Work remotely
  • Evidence your work
  • Manage your teams
  • Manage your jobs
  • Recall information at any time
  • Obtain customer ratings and legally binding signatures

All of this is only possible with the best job management software for tradesmen – Onsite 7. Sign up today for £20 per user per month.