Job Management Software

Onsite 7 is the innovative new job management software designed for the trade by the trade. Neil at Onsite 7 introduces the software and explains why every installer needs it.

Here’s a worrying fact. According to the World Commerce & Contracting association, 20.7% of contracts in the construction sector result in claim or dispute. This leads to lost employee hours dealing with the claim, higher operating costs and lost sales revenue, not to mention potential reputational damage.

For most businesses, a claim is all-too-often your word against theirs. And if there’s no way to prove who’s right and who’s wrong, there’s always the risk that your business will be found liable – even if it shouldn’t be.

And even if a contract isn’t disputed, there’s always the frustration of costly callbacks for remedial works that shouldn’t be your responsibility because the damage occurred after you left.

If this sounds like an all to familiar scenario, then installers need to take a closer look at Onsite 7.

With Onsite 7 in your business, you mitigate all these risks. It’s an easy to use, cloud-based solution that allows you to capture all relevant information, documentation, instructions, photographs, videos and contract variations for every stage of every job in one place. Crucially, because everything’s agreed with the customer at each stage, there can be no dispute about what both parties agreed or how a job was left.

Quite simply, it’s peace of mind for your business and incredibly easy to use.

I started with the scare story, but Onsite 7 is so much more than an insurance policy for your business.

It’s also a system that streamlines your business at every level. All the information connected with all your jobs is stored in one place that’s accessible whether you’re in the office, on the road or on site with a customer. That means you’ll never leave vital paperwork back in the office or not have all the information you need to hand. You can use it to manage jobs because you can assign tasks to teams to complete and see at a glance the stage every job has reached. It also acts as a customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can have a single system giving you all the information you need.

It makes managing your business much easier, saving you time and money. In fact, it takes less than 14 days to start to drive more efficiency in your business with Onsite 7 on your side.

It isn’t just efficiency either. It’s a system that gives your business a professional polish, enhancing your reputation with your customers and making it easier to build their trust.

It’s such a valuable tool because it was developed by people with solid experience as business owners in this sector. We’ve felt the pain points you’ve felt. We’ve heard all the excuses in the book about why a customer shouldn’t pay. We’ve had miscommunications from our teams about whether a job is complete or not. And most importantly of all, we know that a fast-paced business needs software that is quick and straightforward to set up and works the way you want it to. We combine this with strong ethics and values that cascade through our business to ensure we always deliver on expectations.

Michael Hollyer, Director of Clearstyle Windows, has brought Onsite 7 into his business. He says: “Having the ability, by customer, and on a job-by-job basis to allocate and review every step of the customer journey was incredible. It is as if the software was designed specifically for my business. Using Onsite 7 I can see the ‘sales stage’, ‘survey stage’ ‘install stage’ and ‘any service calls attended’ against the jobs. This allows me to review previous visits and action visits either assigned to myself or my team members.”

For all these reasons and more, Onsite 7 is attracting a great deal of industry attention who need the best job management software on the market at a competitive price and easy to use.

It suits businesses of any size and can add value at every level.

Onsite 7 costs just £20 + VAT per month per licence, so it’s an incredibly cost-effective investment. To get started with it in your business today, visit and hit ‘Sign Up’.