Victoria Moreton

The UK trade industry is very competitive, as well as diverse in the products companies offer to their customers. We continuously review our products, marketing, sales and operational policies to enable us to maintain an outstanding customer service and keep that one step ahead, ensuring we stand out from the crowd.

Helping our team perform to their maximum potential helps our customers understand what service they can expect to receive from the moment they make an enquiry, through to the moment their project is complete. This is why we always consider any and all possibilities to help improve, at any cost.

So, welcome Onsite 7 to BWM. This was a big move for us to adapt and implement a new software into the company as we have a wide variety of team members, covering different aspects of site installations.

I am happy to say it was a big move for an even bigger gain. Onsite 7 was just so, so easy to integrate into our business and our staff took to using it right away.

We have had a variety of challenging moments when recording site data from start to finish and having up to date on the day information being sent from site. Onsite 7 is remarkable in this respect, allowing our office staff to report effectively to management teams on status of a job and even the status of a stage of a job, whether it’s a survey or installation. We can now review customer feedback, completed jobs, non completed jobs at our monthly team meetings to understand challenges about what our customers faced as well as our team.

All in all, I cannot image being without Onsite 7 in the future as it has improved every aspect customers journey, as well as our teams.