Michael Hollyer

We specialise in the sales and installation of home improvement products, namely windows, doors and conservatories. Operating in a competitive sector we are always looking to develop our business to ensure we keep a step ahead of our competition. As a business I take the core running activities very seriously and ensure a top down approach.

Ensuring that all of our procedures and ethics are perfected allows this to be filtered down into our team members, from office, accounts, sales, survey and onsite installation.

A keen software user, I instantly new Onsite 7 was the right move from watching the promotional video I came across online. I could see how it fitted with my business model, allowed me to not just take an overview snapshot of where my business was on that particular day but drill down into each job individually.

Utilising the Onsite 7 software as a customer database was a bonus to the main beneficial features I recognised.

Having the ability, by customer, and on a job by job basis to allocate and review every step of the customer journey was incredible. It is as if the software was designed specifically for my business. Using Onsite 7 I can see the ‘sales stage’, ‘survey stage’ ‘install stage’ and ‘any service calls attended against the jobs. This allows me to review previous visits and action visits either assigned to myself or my team members.

The calendar view is a nice touch and allows me to view all of my jobs for the week, along with what stage the job is in, be it paid, not paid, completed etc.

Onsite 7 is superb for our industry but also see the benefit to any business within the trade.