Luke Smith

The team here at the Green Room Building Co have been in the construction industry most of our working lives and have a desire to offer the best products with the best service. Throughout the group of businesses, we now own, we understand that although the product may vary between the company’s, the fundamental basics of running a product/service delivery business are the same.

Quotations must be given, measurements must be taken, the job needs to be completed and warranties or guarantees must be honoured.

Onsite 7 was introduced to us via a valued industry contact, so we naturally took the time to review this…..especially if it was going to benefit our business.

In all honesty it was difficult to find a fault with the software and understood the reasoning as to why it was developed. It simply helps a trade business perform to its best and has certainly helped us provide evidence of the quality of our work, keep track of jobs and have comfort in being able to see footage/notes and photos being taken from site installations if we as company owners are not physically there ourselves.

The customer satisfaction rating system is a nice touch, which has allowed me to understand how our customers feel about their experience with the Green Room, along with the person carrying out the work at their property.

I do feel that the software is fully rounded and provides an advantage over other packages on the market, through ease of use and functionality.