Leigh Barnes

At JLS we have grown to become a well established & respected electrical contracting company servicing clients across the country. Delivering electrical solutions across the UK, we have a selected team of engineers that specialise in the domestic electrical market and a larger team that completes our large commercial projects.

No strangers to hard work and 1000’s of completed jobs under our belt we certainly had a need to streamline our admin systems as well as gain an insight into what was happening up and down the country onsite.

Many software companies have attempted to win our custom, however no one solution actually delivered everything we desperately needed as a business….until we came across Onsite 7 by chance.

The main issues we found ourselves repeatedly coming across is remembering certain aspects of a job, where fuse boards were located, did we label these, what parts were we missing etc etc. Onsite 7 has helped remove these issues by allowing our onsite engineers to capture ‘in the moment’ on the go information as well as photos & videos. This assists with ordering materials, questioning sizes of electrical cupboards etc and every team member who gets assigned any future work for that job will see all information and photos from the previous visits.

Customers have, from time to time, questioned certain elements of projects, has this been completed, have these parts been supplied etc. The beauty of using Onsite 7 is that any person with the admin console access can find information, or photo/video evidence to relay to the customer. We can even download a customer job report with their signature and customer satisfaction rating……..this is invaluable for our industry.

Would highly recommend Onsite 7 to all trades, large or small.