Joseph Torgbor

Our service as a locksmith has diversified over the years however our core business is still very much reactive and time is of the essence when adhering to urgent call outs.

A great deal of our call outs can be dealt with efficiently & quickly with a satisfactory outcome on the day, however we do have a variety of jobs that require revisits. These can be due to faulty or damaged parts, along with time restrictions. Previously we have had no way of recorded information from site and meant we rely on archaic methods to help us remember site specific information when ordering replacement parts etc.

We were recommended Onsite 7 by a family member who already utilises the software for a very large company and jumped at the chance to enhance our business management by having the ability to record things instantly via our mobile phones and store them against that particular customer.

We have not only been able to identify satisfaction rates of our customers but see what we have done at their premises in the past, helping us to be proactive towards offering further services and products……so helping increase our businesses profitability.

I now use Onsite 7 on a daily basis to enter customers into our database, assign jobs to those customers and then allocate the jobs to myself for specific dates and times. The calendar view the system has is out of this world as well.

Thanks to the team at Onsite 7 for producing such an easy software and helping my business become easier to run.