Johnathan Macculloch

Offering nationwide coverage, our business has adapted to suit our customers needs in any region of the country and allows us to take on diverse projects, regardless of location.

Providing quotations, servicing orders and organising materials has been completed either whilst onsite, on the road or at an evening when time allows. Although our business manages comfortably fulfilling orders in this manner whilst maintaining the very best customer experience, we saw a need to search for a dedicated software package to help store the customers information.

We browsed a number of software applications, downloaded free trials and simply found every product either too big, too expensive or just too difficult to use for a business of our size. So when Onsite 7 was introduced to us, it was a complete no brainer.

A pricing point that just cannot be argued with, a scalable solution that will help us grow our business by simply adding more licenses as and when we required and ……so easy to use.

We now store all of our customers invoices, documents, orders etc in Onsite 7 and can access these at any time, wherever we are in the country. This has particular helped us service our customer guarantees in a more efficient manner.

Being a stickler at taking photos of our completed work, I have been particularly impressed with the ability to capture unlimited photos & videos from site which are automatically then stored against my customers job. A brilliant feature that works well with my mobile phone.

I am looking forward to other features Onsite 7 has to offer me in the future and recommend to any size business.