James Pegg

Our group has a variety of varied business trading arms, from supply/installation of the highest quality windows/doors & conservatories, to supply of domestic goods and also a respected building contractor company.

Being a key player in our community with a retained staff count of skilled workers, covering multiple trades we have to keep our eye on the ball and maintain the upmost respect for our customers and employees at all times.

The CCW Group’s customer base grows on an annual basis and we find ourselves gaining most of our work through recommendation which actually persuaded us to look at Onsite 7 in the first place.

Having a basic social media App group to share pictures of jobs is all our company had to record images and site footage. This proved challenging when attempting to recall certain jobs or elements of those jobs. Due to the size of our business and the geographical area covered as well, we had no way of gaining up to date real-time information regarding the progress of a job, the stage it was at, the work in progress or completion footage and so found ourselves looking at Onsite 7.

This software package summed up in a few words is ‘perfect for our industry…..and actually perfect for any trade industry’.

We now have a method of recording all aspects of job data, keeping our teams on their toes and recalling job specific information at any time.