Brad Gouldsbrough

As a local business we have been fortunate to increase our business turnover, year on year by offering a quality service to our customers. Growing our business has also seen our engineer team numbers increase, which presents its own challenges.

We service both domestic and commercial customers which means our engineers can undertake a variety of installations across multiple sites, so getting a true picture of what stage a job is at, during any one period of time can be very difficult… this is where we have undoubtedly seen the benefits Onsite 7 provides.

At any one time, I can see where all of my teams are, what projects they are working on, what photos/videos or notes have been added from site and gain a true reflection of where we are as a business at the very time I view the Onsite 7 online console.

Onsite 7 has allowed me to schedule work for my engineers well in advance and they can view their allocated work on the Onsite 7 App, all available from their phone. They don’t have to visit the office to collect their work sheets or information anymore and in turn, they get to site in a more timely manner. Personally I like the fact that I can physically view their work which helps me identify problems but also praise good workmanship… without even going to site.

All in all, a fantastic piece of software and a job well done by the team at Onsite 7