Andrew Bradshaw

My philosophy as a business owner is to be one step ahead of the competitions whilst maintaining good standards and absolutely insisting on customer satisfaction.

Having a software solution that enable us to keep delivering on a our promises was something I was contemplating for many years, so when Onsite 7 came across my desk I new I had to take a look.

At first glance I was drawn to the ability to take photos videos and store them quickly without any heavy involvement onsite. As a team we have collectively been taking photo graphs of our onsite installations but had no one stop shop solution where we could both store these as well as access them in the future through an easy locatable system.

We have really understood the power of Onsite 7 and could not imagine running our business without this piece of software. It is difficult to image going back to how we used to run our business.

To begin with, the software is just so easy to use and understand. I had a few questions when first starting out however the support that Onsite 7 offers is second to none and the staff are incredibly friendly. Our frontline team were sceptical on using software on their mobile phones however within 24 hours they were all converted to the benefits of using Onsite 7 and praised its introduction.

Altercations between business and customers happens amongst the best of us, however Onsite 7 has allowed us to provide the proof we need that projects were completed in the correct manner when a customer decides that they were not. We now have physical evidence of our onsite installations from start to finish to help satisfy disputes.

It’s a pleasure to use and could not do without Onsite 7.