Job Management Software for Builders – Onsite 7 Ticks Every Box

If you are a builder wanting to centralise job information, Onsite 7 job management software is the ideal solution. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should choose it.

As a builder, you may be using multiple apps and software to manage jobs. These might include project management tools like Asana or Monday for creating to-dos and schedules, and cloud storage tools like Google Photos or Dropbox.

Or perhaps you use job management software already, but it doesn’t have all the features you need so you are forced to use other services?

Whatever the case, if you use multiple apps, software and platforms to manage photos, projects, workflows, to-dos and customer contact information, you will know how inefficient using different apps is and how it can slow you down.

Onsite 7 job management software changes this by acting as both a job management software solution and as a CRM.

On the job management side, you can plan, manage and organise jobs across your business, and on the CRM side, all of your customer’s information, documents, notes and job information are stored in one place.

By allowing you to manage jobs and teams and store job and customer information in one place, Onsite 7 creates a hub for you and your workers (if you have them) so that everyone is plugged in and has access to the same information.

We think it’s the best job management software for builders (and tradesmen) in the world.

Onsite 7 Features At a Glance

At its most basic level, Onsite 7 job management software can be used to plan, manage, organise and log job information in one place.

Job Details

With Onsite 7, you input all job information into the platform, which allows you to manage jobs and keep accurate records. You can add your team members, so everyone has access to the same information from anywhere in the world.

Banishing inadequate project management apps and cloud storage services for good is a huge benefit to Onsite 7, but the real value of Onsite 7 comes in the unique features it has that you won’t find with traditional project management solutions.

These unique features include:

  • Plan, manage and organise jobs
  • See all jobs and workflow on a single dashboard
  • Monitor where your teams are in real-time
  • Schedule and assign jobs to team members
  • Track and report on job status in real-time
  • Attach documents to job sheets
  • Capture evidence of work, including photos, images, document uploads, scans etc. (cloud storage is included)
  • Recall information at any time with advanced search
  • Sign off on work with a digital signature
  • Sign onscreen to say complete or not – if a Commercial Job
  • Ask your customer to sign onscreen & rate you – if a Domestic Job

Simplify Your Job Schedule

At the heart of Onsite 7 job management software for builders lies job schedule simplification. We built Onsite 7 to make managing your job schedule and your construction team as easy as possible.

Job schedule

With Onsite 7, you manage the following four stages:

  • Sales stage
  • Survey stage
  • Installation stage
  • Service stage

Each of these stages has its own hub of information within job sheets.

To manage jobs, you create a team, create a customer and create a job. Stages 2 and 3 (create a customer, create a job) will be where you spend most of your time. It takes one or two clicks to complete any of these stages.  

Once you have added a job, it gets added to your Jobs Dashboard which looks like this:

job management software for builders

As you can see, the Jobs Dashboard uses a traffic light colour-coding system so you can see at a glance the sales, survey, installation and service status.

There’s also a Calendar View that looks like this:

Calendar View

The Calendar View shows your jobs by day, week and month, so you can see your job schedule. You can add, update and delete ‘Jobs’ within the Jobs Dashboard and Calendar View, allowing you to manage everything on one page.

Capture Your Job Onsite

When we were designing Onsite 7, we wanted to provide a complete solution for job evidence capture and recording.

This goal was cemented after talking to several builders, who said what they wanted most of all from job management software was good recording capabilities.

So, we set to work and came up with a solution – an instant upload facility for all types of document. With Onsite 7, you assign uploads to specific jobs and all uploads are stored on our secure cloud storage network at no extra charge.

You can upload the following types of evidence:

  • Photos
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Worksheets
  • Receipts
  • Notes
  • Customer comments

By uploading all job evidence to Onsite 7, you will keep a secure paper trail of your work to protect your business from illegitimate claims.

Furthermore, by taking legally binding signatures from customers within Onsite 7 job management software, your customers will certify your work for you.

We have more information about what your business needs to protect itself against with regards to claims here. The bottom line is Onsite 7 provides a means for you to accurately record the quality of your work to protect yourself.

A Powerful CRM Tool

Onsite 7 is a powerful CRM tool. It securely stores all customer and job information in the cloud, and you can search and lookup this information at any time.


CRM software is notoriously expensive and especially as you scale up. Onsite 7 stores customer information with cloud storage included in your plan. You can add unlimited jobs and customers. There’s no limit and there are no hidden costs.

To search your customer database, you only need to use filters. Search by name, account number, phone number, postcode and more. The lookup tool returns results within a few seconds, giving you access to what you need fast.

As a builder, you will have hundreds of customers. Onsite 7 lets you manage all your customers in one place. If you use CRM software right now, give Onsite 7 a go. It perfectly combines job management software features with CRM features. Sign up today for £20 per user per month.