Construction App – What is Onsite 7?

Onsite 7 job management software is a new way to manage projects in the construction trade, allowing you to document every aspect of your work down to the last detail.

The construction trade suffers from a knowledge gap between customers and work.

Customers want something doing, but they don’t actually know what gets done, and tradespeople have no easy way of documenting everything.

This knowledge gap creates confusion, unproven quality and problems further down the line, not to mention issues with payment. It also creates project management issues that can stunt progress and hold up work.

Some tradespeople take photographs of their work to document their progress and avoid any headaches. This is a good tactic, but we think you can do better, which is why we made Onsite 7 – construction software is a complete evidence capturing tool for the trade.

Onsite 7

Onsite 7 is a construction project management and evidence capturing app for the trade that helps you take control of your business, team, and customers by capturing evidence of your work and putting everything you need in one place.

Onsite 7 is ideal for:

  • Electricians
  • Window fitters
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Painters
  • Carpet Fitters
  • Kitchen Fitters

Every stage of the customer’s job can be edited and recorded, including:

  • Sales stages
  • Survey/measurements stages
  • Installation/construction stages
  • Service/maintenance stages

By recording every stage of jobs, you can protect your business.

The kicker is everything you capture – and all the notes you make – are assigned to the job you create and are presented to the customer once complete. They then sign the job off as complete and rate their experience with you.

How does it work?

With Onsite 7, you capture evidence of your work digitally in real-time using just your phone, or tablet. You can access the tool anywhere with an internet connection or use the app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can:

  • Take photos
  • Take videos
  • Add worksheets
  • Add receipts
  • Add notes
  • Add customer comments

Everything captured is uploaded and stored to the Onsite 7 app in its own project. Projects are listed, searchable and easily distinguishable.

You can review notes, images and attachments from previous job visits and select locations for jobs, such as bedrooms, garages and kitchens. This is useful for tradespeople who have a variety of jobs to complete under one project.

The Onsite 7 app is designed to be incredibly simple and easy to use. Every feature is just one or two taps away. You can also manage your Onsite 7 account and projects online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

What does it do?

Onsite 7 helps you:

  • Manage construction projects
  • Manage construction teams
  • Capture evidence of work
  • Recall information at any time
  • Prove the quality of any job undertaken
  • Improve customer experience
  • Indicate payment
  • Get paid faster
  • Keep track of who has paid you and who hasn’t

Onsite 7 construction app helps you document jobs down to the finest detail so you can improve your workflow and customer experience.

Onsite 7 also removes every reason your customer could have not to pay you and allows you to build up a portfolio of successful work. 

It is also a powerful and unique project management application.

You create customers and assign jobs within the dashboard to tradespeople (these can be members of your team or just yourself if you are a one-man band). The Onsite 7 app lists all your assigned jobs, so you can add evidence to them individually.

All completed jobs are archived and stored, allowing you to recall information at any point in the future for reference.

Powerful reporting

The key selling point of Onsite 7 is the powerful reporting functionality.

You can record every single aspect of a job by taking videos and photographs, adding notes, adding worksheets and adding receipts for tools and supplies.

Normally, customers will see a job in progress and pay an invoice for work once the job is complete and they are satisfied with the work. Onsite 7 boosts the customer’s visibility of a job by providing more valuable information.

This allows you to manage projects efficiently and improves customer experience because they will have access to the report once the job is complete.

The customer can then sign off the job within Onsite 7, creating a legally binding acceptance of work so you can invoice for the job.

Should you use it?

Onsite 7 is particularly good for: real-time project management, documenting work, note taking, connecting a workforce with projects, approving work with customers, quickly and easily recalling information from previous jobs.

By using Onsite 7, you will bring evidence and project management together to run a more efficient business and provide a better customer experience. If you are an electrician, plumber, builder or other business in the trade, there is no easier way to manage your jobs than with Onsite 7. It puts everything you need in one app.