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Claims: what your business needs to protect against

A summary of the Consumer Rights Act 2015:

Related to Goods

Sale of goods refund

Up to 30 days after supply, if goods are faulty the consumer can get an immediate refund.

Repairs refund

Up to 6 months after supply, if goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the consumer is entitled to a full refund in most cases.

6 Years money back

Up to 6 years after supply, if the goods do not last a reasonable length of time, the consumer may be entitled to their money back.

Related to Services

Skill and care

The service must be carried out with reasonable skill and care.

Information said or written is binding

Information said or written to the consumer is binding where the consumer relies on it.

Must be reasonable cost and time

The cost of the service must be reasonable and the service must be carried out within a reasonable time

If the trader is deemed to be in breach of the Consumer Rights Act:

Repeat order against the trader

The consumer can require the trader to repeat the service in order to complete it properly at no cost to the consumer within a reasonable time and without causing significant inconvenience.

The consumer can claim a price reduction

The consumer can claim a price reduction where repeat performance is impossible or cannot be carried out within a reasonable time and without causing significant inconvenience. A price reduction can also be claimed where the service is not carried out within a reasonable time or where the trader breaches a requirement arising from information, they have given from something other than the service itself.

This is leading to huge numbers of false claims that are hurting businesses

An average of 20% of contracts within our industries, result in either a dispute or claim, and this number is increasing every year. When they arise, these issues take up large amounts of ‘Time’ & ‘Money’, neither of which, any business can afford to lose.

Let us show you a way to avoid false claims and those 'professional non-payers'

We can demonstrate how you are able to better protect your business whilst increasing efficiency, helping you to grow. Book a FREE no obligations demonstration today.

"Construction and engineering companies top the list (of complaints) with 20.7 percent of contracts experiencing dispute or claim"

"This results in lost employee hours, dealing with the dispute / claim. Higher operating costs & Lost Sales revenue."

- World Commerce & Contracting

Are you concerned?

We were too when we fully realised how much the odds are stacked towards the claimant and especially those 'career complainers' or 'professional non-payer'.

Virtually all contracts with which businesses will be involved, entail the provision of goods and services as above.

In our experience, disputes with customers/clients most frequently result from a disagreement between what was agreed between the customer and the trader concerning:

Onsite7 Signature Evidence on Desktop and Mobile

We understand which is why we built Onsite 7 for us and for you!

Onsite7 Software solution is continually proving to be an essential and indispensable business tool.

Onsite 7 will ensure all matters agreed between the trader and the customer are accurately recorded in one place, and so there can be no dispute what the parties agreed. All relevant information, documentation, instructions and variations will be recorded and the customer must acknowledge in writing, the terms agreed between the parties.

Onsite 7 is industry leading and purpose-built software that helps you to:

Prevent claims

Help prevent claims, issues & disputes, saving invaluable time and money

Record agreements accurately in one place

Ensure everything is agreed between the business and the customer and accurately recorded in one place, avoiding potential dispute.

Capture all information

Capture all relevant information, documentation, photographs, videos & contract variations. All recorded and agreed by the customer at each stage.

End to end, site to office

Provide Team, Customer and Job Management, From Site to Office

GDPR compliance assured

Help your business become GDPR Compliant, ensuring your data is secure & accessible from anywhere you want.

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Onsite 7 has been designed by and for businesses in the construction and fenestration sectors. Onsite 7 will help you to protect and grow your business with less hassle from the claims culture we live in today.

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